Looking for a speaker, tips on effective leadership, or someone with a background in education, communication and public relations?

Perfect! Because my job is to build quality relationships no matter what facet of life I am in.

I created this site as a way to share the things I am passionate about which is relational leadership, efficiency, productivity, positive work environment/culture and building a championship mindset.

Using the mantra Do Something | Be Better | Change the World, we have created the Do•Be•Change community of leaders that is actively working to make our world a better place in the work environment, the home environment and in a purpose driven environment (spiritual, organizational, humanitarian etc…).

This website and the community is an outstanding destination for those looking to make an impact on the world around you, especially if you are an Educator, a Coach, or a Leader in the Business Arena.

  • We believe that relational leadership is the best model for running your classroom, your athletic team, or your office.
  • We value job efficiency which leads to more time away from work and with family and friends; doing the things you love the most.
  • We believe that mentorship is the key to duplicating vibrant world-changing leaders.


The Force behind Do•Be•Change



I am Keivon Liburd and I am an Athletic Administrator, Coach, Teacher and Business Owner with my wife Katie (I’m 25% of the brains, while she’s 75% of the smarts and 100% of the brawn). I have over a decade of experience in education and over two decades in athletics and various leadership roles.

I was born in New Jersey but I consider Germany my childhood home. As an Army Brat, moving around was common but after stops in Kansas, Germany, Hawaii, and Oklahoma I ended up in the Great State of Texas, with the privilege to call Austin my home. For the past 10 years I have been involved in education in various capacities: administration, coaching, teaching, public relations, communication, website maintenance and social media. These various jobs have given me a unique insight into the professional and educational side of teaching.

At home I am a husband and a father to two amazing boys. I am an active volunteer at my church and have been able to use the lessons learned in that area with my lessons from education to create my platform. Combine that with the skills that I have picked up from my entrepreneurial, business owning wife and I have found the formula to a fulfilled and vibrant life.

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Do Something | Be Better | Change the World